I’m fucking done. I quit that fucking job. It has been slowly, but surely fucking killing me. There is absolutely nothing that I enjoyed about it anymore.

I decided to make the change after reading the book ‘Your Money or Your Life‘. I chose my life. Money isn’t as important to me anymore. Once you hit the peaks that I have achieved, the happiness that results from gaining more money greatly diminishes.

I am flush. Ok that’s an understatement. I am fucking rich. I have fuck you money. What’s that you ask. Take a gander:


That’s where I got. Man did it feel great to quit. No more having bosses tell me to work 20 hour days. No more having to pretend to love every dumb joke that some pompous douche-nozzle tells.

Nope, no more of that shit.

All I have to do now is focus on improving my golf game. Handicap of zero, here I come.


I Hate My Boss

I really, really, really hate my boss.

I’m sure a lot of people say that, but of course, not a lot of people have the problems that I do.

I was tasked with creating a 50 page pitch-book regarding a potential acquisition that we were going to make. The potential company had yearly revenues in the $200m range, but was barely showing a profit. The industry that they operated in wasn’t that competitive by any means.

After doing some investigating, I found that the company had ridiculous overhead costs. Absolutely absurd. They had all of the employees on a very generous profit-sharing plan with plenty of stock options. In addition, there were way too many employees than there needed to be.

As I learned at Harvard, in order to run a successful business, you need to control costs.

That’s certainly one thing that this business was not doing. Based on my estimates, I’d be able to shed 50% of the workforce, eliminate 30% of the stock option plan, and reduce profit-sharing by 25%. These savings would have brought the company from a 4% profit margin to a 39% profit margin. That’s fucking huge!

When I presented my idea to the board, everyone was all for the proposal. Everyone except my boss. He didn’t understand the industry and didn’t want to invest. I don’t understand it. We all pled our case, but it’s his call.

Board meeting

Board meeting

Fast forward a couple of months and the business is bought by one of our largest competitors. They implemented all of the cost-cutting measures that I had proposed.

The result?

Exactly as I had anticipated.

That acquisition would have made me 10% of the increased profits, or about $15 million dollars.

Thanks boss, you fucking ass-hole.


The majority of my day is spent between hearing two competing sides bitch and moan about what price to pay for a certain business. I’m only there to make sure that the legality of the matter is handled within compliance of the law. This isn’t what I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I wanted to be a hard-nosed prosecutor. Needless to say, I realized in law school that I’d rather have the cash.

Mergers and acquisitions pays an absurd amount of money. I can’t really complain. I have it much easier than most people. I’d probably die if I did one of those Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs. I much prefer sitting in air conditioned offices all day, drinking the finest of whiskeys.

The last few weeks have been quite interesting. Our firm has typically operated within the consumer goods industry, both cyclical and non-cyclical. For the most part, this has provided us with low-volatility. Of course, if the business is cyclical and it’s in a downturn, then things aren’t that great. But even in that case, we choose to hedge against the sector by trading triple-leveraged futures.


It’s really a silly business that we are in. We don’t really create anything of value. Truth be told, I’d much rather do something fun like run a bed and breakfast or run a website reviewing dog crates.  Seriously, what types of problems could those people possibly have? One of the guests throw up on the bed? Someone not like their dog crate? Come on. Those problems are nothing compared to handling 8 figure deals.

People who work middle-class jobs have absolutely no reason to complain about their lives. That’s something that really grinds my gears. Small people, small problems, right?

That’s my motto. Quote me on it.