I’m fucking done. I quit that fucking job. It has been slowly, but surely fucking killing me. There is absolutely nothing that I enjoyed about it anymore.

I decided to make the change after reading the book ‘Your Money or Your Life‘. I chose my life. Money isn’t as important to me anymore. Once you hit the peaks that I have achieved, the happiness that results from gaining more money greatly diminishes.

I am flush. Ok that’s an understatement. I am fucking rich. I have fuck you money. What’s that you ask. Take a gander:


That’s where I got. Man did it feel great to quit. No more having bosses tell me to work 20 hour days. No more having to pretend to love every dumb joke that some pompous douche-nozzle tells.

Nope, no more of that shit.

All I have to do now is focus on improving my golf game. Handicap of zero, here I come.


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