Life Update

Have you wondered what I’ve been doing since I quit my job?

If you have, then you need to get a fucking life and think of other things rather than me haha! Kidding aside, life has been pretty great since I left my job.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time golfing with some old friends and traveling the world.

That about sums up me golfing….

More importantly, I’ve been spending much more time with my family. It feels so good to be able to go to all of my son’s soccer games and my daughter’s dance recitals. It feels amazing to see the look that my wife gives me now that I am around all of the time.

I have no idea why I ever spent so much time working.

Everything that I could ever need in my life was right here in front of me.

I can’t make up for lost time, but I sure as shit can make sure that I am here, 100%, going forward.

Nothing will get in my way of that.

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